Monday, January 1, 2007

Great unanswered questions

Ok, so way back in 1994, I bought a couple of issues of 'StormWatch' by Image. It was kinda cool, but once I noticed a particular aspect of the art, I couldn't handle it, so stopped buying it. However, it has occurred to me since then that maybe I just didn't know enough about the premise of the book. See, what was bugging me was that everyone looked the same. I put this down to bad art, but could I have been wrong? Was StormWatch really a comic about a superhero team of clones?

These guys all looked the same:

The black guys got to look different from the white guys:

But they all seemed to be cloned from one model too:

There was even a female clone:

Although apparently that was a little unstable since there was a chance you could be created without a nose.

I wonder to this day if I missed out on a great comic, simply because I didn't understand it.

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