Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Art in close-up: Blue Beetle #8

Blue Beetle #8
Page 9
Breakdowns - Rob Haynes
Finishes - Casey Jones
Colours - Guy Major
Writers - Keith Giffen & John Rogers
Letters - Jared Fletcher

Quick summary: In an effort to learn more about his powers, the new Blue Beetle and his friends pay a visit to the granddaughter of Dan Garrett, the original Blue Beetle.

The full pages:

A brief one this week, since this is pretty much a splash page in form, if not function.
I love the page layout. A really clever way to give action and development to a static scene. There's a cool progression on the papers she's holding, starting off with her reading them, and ending up with them on the floor.
I love Brenda's reaction.
Also a nice touch with the panels, the top left and bottom right being out of alignment. Makes it more interesting than four even panels.

Rob Haynes isn't credited in the comic, but I bought this off Casey Jones (via eBay, $36US), and that's what he said, so I think I'll trust him ;) The actual page is quite a bit smaller than the standard comic art board, but it makes sense for the art style. Having to draw it at full size would've required too much space in the line work. Casey was selling two pages, one with Beetle in full costume, which I did bid on, but this was the page I was really after (I had to fight off one challenger for it). As always, a cheap page since there's no costumed stuff happening (but you know that by now, right?).

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