Sunday, May 6, 2007

How not to treat girls, featuring Firestorm

In last week's edition, we saw one of the perks of being Firestorm. It's not always a good idea though. Let's pick up from where we left off, with the amnesiac Prof Stein version.

How's Lorrain going to take this unexpected move from a version of Firestorm she's only just met?

Not well.

Ouch. Firestorm's reaction is priceless though.

I love how all 3 parts of the matrix are stunned by it.
Lesson time, boys:

This causes a change in the Firestorm matrix. Meet the new version:


Now we jump 3 issues. Has Firehawk gotten over the kiss yet?

Not really.

Although, she does try to patch things up, but Emo-storm is having none of it.
Hey look, it's Power Girl!

I'm disappointed, getting decked by PG would've ruled.
Back to Firehawk:

Poor Power Girl, being a third wheel is never fun.

Anyway, our heroes get hold of a plane, Power Girl takes the controls, and emo boy gets friendly

He gets shot down and goes off to sulk.

It's not easy being Firestorm.

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