Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The week in review

Light pickings this week:

52: Week 52
An enjoyable enough issue, which is pretty much how I'd sum up the series. Enjoyable, but very few issues I read more than once. I liked the return of Supernova, and seeing the changes to the various earth's.

Justice League Unlimited #33
Finally got hold of a title that I would like to buy casually more often, but my store only gets in the bare minimum to fill orders. This issue should've been renamed Justice Society Unlimited, heh. A rather simple tale with Stargirl and Crimson Avenger, but good enough to make me consider adding this to my pull list, especially now 52 is over and I have some spare cash (I'm not jumping on to Countdown, not yet anyway).

Empowered vol. 1
This 241 page graphic novel has been out for a few weeks now, but since very little else came out, I picked it up. The shop had the copies sealed, but it has had many favourable reviews so I took a chance. Started out a bit ho-hum while the basics were established, but after that it was great fun. If we really had superheroes in spandex, they'd probably obsess about their weight and things like "visible panty line" too.

CD purchase:
Vintersorg: Solens Rotter
After his last two progressive-ish albums, this one was billed as a return to his Folk Metal roots. I'd say it's more a combination of his prog and folk styles. The riffs don't have the immediate hooks of his old Folk material, but the music appears to have a fair bit of depth. I'm still trying to absorb it all after two days.
He's back to singing exclusively in swedish, which is great. Too many of his english songs were damaged by annoying lyrics, atleast this way I can't understand him ;) His vocal delivery is pretty much typical of his recent outings with this band, and with Borknagar- mid to high register, mixed in with his harsh vocals. But that's ok, he's only been my favourite singer for around 6 years. His low register is long gone, seemingly never to return.
I can't think of a mainstream example for the uninitiated, because certainly in the pop metal area there is nothing remotely similar. If you want metal that is more beautiful than aggressive, with songs that don't just follow a tired verse/chorus formula, go to his site and check out some samples.

Incase you were wondering, yes I'm feeling lazy tonight :p

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