Thursday, May 31, 2007

Judge Dredd vs Stan Lee, round 1

In August of 1986, 2000AD bestowed upon the world one of comics greatest fight scenes with issue #484. Judge Dredd vs Stan "Deathfist" Lee (some random ninja guy they came up with for the issue).

Lee opens things up with a kick to the face:

Dredd hits back with the deadly "midrift kick and mockery" combo

Keep in mind this is all happening after Dredd had taken a ninja star to the chest, and Lee had been winged by a bullet from Dredd.

Things are pretty even for a while.

Then it starts to go wrong for Mega City's finest.

I bet Batman never had days like this.

Hey, who put that brick wall there?

Ooooh, Dredd just got owned.

There's so much more to this fight, I just limited the scans to the major body shots. It is awesome, and making it even better is the normally invincible Dredd getting his ass kicked. The story closes out with him in a hospital bed, and since it's only an 8 page story, he can only grit his teeth and promise himself next time will be different. But will there be a next time?

Oh yes.

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