Friday, May 4, 2007

View from the batcave

Rachelle over on Living Between Wednesdays put out a call for photos of nerdy items, and somewhat inspired, I decided to post pictures here of my collection of various crap. Behold: my bedroom.

Yes, I'm 29, and yes, that's Batman on my bed. No, I don't care. It was either batman, or floral arrangements.
Above the head of the bed:

A Batman sign that we had hanging in the toy department at work, which I rescued from the rubbish. Also a Ghost Rider 2099 page by Mark Buckingham. Now moving around the room clockwise:

In the frame is a page from Firestorm #18 by Pat Olliffe. I used to be a massive Spawn fan (but then, wasn't everyone at some stage), and I have the toys to prove it. Then on to my desk:

I don't really get to use my desk any more, you can seewhy. It's radio controlled, but I'm too chicken to take it outside, I don't want to damage it. It's one of the coolest things I've seen. The wall next to the desk:

More art from Firestorm #18, and a print by Tom Flemming, with a sketch of Killer Frost. Also my mini-JSA lineup + Firestorm. Black Canary gets to be back in the Society where she belongs.
Moving directly down to the set of draws:

The 2000AD poster is there to hide the stained and faded paint on the door, because when I was younger I had trading cards stuck to it, and now there's big yellow blobs where the cards used to be. I'm too lazy to repaint it. Opening the door...

Top and bottom shelves for cards, middle shelf for trades. I got 2 of those Spawn comics on the door during a high school choir trip to Hawaii (1994/95). I had to ditch my group and walk for 2 hours in sweltering heat to find a comic shop, and would've been screwed if I'd been caught, but it was oh so worth it.
Back to the walls:

Or rather, the door. Up top is a couple of prelim sketches by Matt Hayley for what would become the cover to Firestorm #11. The V poster was another freebie I swiped from work.

In the frames, from the top: Firestorm (Jason) by Jamal Igle, Firestorm (Ronnie) by Phil Jimenez (my favourite art piece, Phil rules), and an animation cell from Super Friends. Below that:

3 Marvel VS DC card boxes, a Silver Surfer model that's been in a half-finished state for probably a couple of years (ooops). I really don't have room anywhere for the JLU Watchtower, but it was on sale for 1/3rd of it's normal price, so I had to ;)

My stereo is a good place for more toys.

I have 5 of those big boxes down the bottom, housing the bulk of my comic collection. And with that, we're back around to my bed. On the end of the bookcase:

Glow in the dark JLU stickers! They actually don't glow very well, but never mind.

Pictures to come some time in the future (whenever I'm too lazy to scan comic stuff, like today) of my computer room, where the bulk of my toy collection is. Yeah, I can't wait either...

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