Saturday, December 1, 2007

Art in close-up: Firestorm #57

Firestorm Vol.2 #57
Page 1

Pencills: Jose Delbo

Inks: Steve Mitchell

Letters: Carrie Spiegle
Colours: Nansi Hoolihan

Writer: Barbara Randall

I just got hold of the first 7 pages of Firestorm #57, for a measley $45US. No in-costume shots of Firestorm, but plenty of Ronnie Raymond. Plus I thought it would be cool to have a large sequence of pages.

Page 1 is a splash page (the first one for my collection), and there's several cool things about it. I'm very close to retiring one of my framed pages to my art folder, and hanging this in it's place, even though there's no superhero action (or action of any sort really) going on.

On with the show:

Since it's a splash page and I can't really talk about each panel, here's a numbered version:

Areas 1 - 4: Transparent Film with pre-printed lines has been stuck to the art. Someone even had to cut it to fit around the thought balloon in area 2, since the lettering is done directly on the page. Interesting that they chose to do that rather than draw it directly.
Area 1 is still clear, but 2, 3 & 4 have yellowed, which I think gives a nice extra tone to the black and white page.

Area 5: D'oh, the thought balloon has fallen off at some stage over the years (heh, I wonder where it is). It was originally supposed to be in the whited-out part under the "Due Monday" label, but there's a note in the margin to move it. I might hit up my father to come up with a replacement, he used to do professional calligraphy.

Area 6: I like the economy of detail on the trash and pizza.

Area 7: Copyright info is pasted on. I wonder who the poor bugger was that had to paste those on to every title page.

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