Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Steve Seagle vs Joe Public, Round 2

Following on from yesterday's post, it's the letter column from "House Of Secrets" #11. The previous letter writer shows he's all class in the face of defeat.

Good for him. Someone was irked by Seagle's response though, and decides to step in to the ring.

Heh, ouch. That's how to flame someone. The response?

Pretty restrained really, though I love that end comment about Sandman.


Dan said...

House of Secrets really did have a fine letter column (as you've shown from your last couple of posts).

The fact that the writer, artist and editor were always involved (to a greater or lesser extent) really made the responses interesting and worthwhile (usually).

For me, good letter columns add a whole extra level of depth and interest to a book that you very, very rarely get with anything on the internet (presumably largely due to the hand of the editor picking out only the "best" contributions).

In fact, a good letter column is probably the best argument I could come up with against waiting for the trade.

Jon said...

Hey Dan

Missing the letter page in trades is something that's struck me with, for instance, Preacher. I've got half the series in trades only, and feel like I'm missing something. I haven't checked lately, but I seem to recall that was a fun column, even if it was just Garth Ennis listing all the war books he was after, which was interesting in itself.

With creator-involved letter columns, they'd have good material to respond to (thanks to the editors, as you point out), and a response that doesn't get drowned in 3 dozen "Yeah, me too"'s like on a message board for instance.

And I like that comments and the like are forever tied to the comic they're in, whereas 10 years from now you'll probably have trouble finding someones thoughts about an issue that came out yesterday, via the net.