Saturday, December 15, 2007

Guest Appearance: Silver Surfer in X-Men

Today, it's the Silver Surfer in an encounter with the X-Men and the Shi'ar, from X-Men Unlimited #13

Someone has destroyed all life on Zenn-La, the Surfer's home planet. In a trick taken straight out of the "Heroes vs their friends" handbook, that someone has also framed the Silver Surfer for the crime, and the Shi'ar now want to take him down. How will they fare?

About how you'd expect- they get their asses kicked, or in this case, blown up. What do you think about it, Surfer?

I dunno, but let's find out!

He's clearly puzzled by the information, so it's time to investigate. This is an X-Men comic though, so it figures that he was going to run into them at some point. Will old alliances hold fast, or will we have a pointless fight?

Yeah, I know we all knew the answer to that already, but I figured I'd ask. Y'know, just in case.

Fight time! The X-Men deploy their super weapon, Rogue!
So clearly it's laughable to think that Rogue would be able to get anywhere near the Silver Surfer, but then her touching him and maybe absorbing his powers is an interesting enough proposition, so we'll let it slide.

Mutant powers vs Cosmic force. Unfair fight?


Thankfully for the mutants, SS isn't really spoiling for a fight, and is concerned for his foe/friend. Cyclops has his doubts, but Rogue clears things up.

Atleast that little skirmish was over quickly. They all realise they have the same goal, and team up. The Surfer pulls them into hyperspace with him, and it's off to Zenn-La.

Once there, SS discovers a strange force hiding and goes to investigate. For some reason he takes Rogue, for all the help she's likely to be. But then if he did it all himself, this wouldn't be much of an X-Men comic. (Ok, so it's not much of an X-Men comic to begin with...)

The big villain turns out to be some borg-like collective, only one that feeds on souls (currently the departed residents of Zenn-La) and looks like a giant skull.

You know what would be really wacky? If they were somehow able to assimilate Rogue.


They weren't able to assimilate her breasts though! There's a 7 of 9 joke in there somewhere, I'm sure. It's a pretty lame bad guy though, the surfer dodges that one blast, and frees Rogue with a blast of his own. There's a pretty cool idea for the killing blow:

One surfboard bomb later, the entire entity explodes, leaving the Silver Surfer to take a dazed Rogue back to the ship. Things wind up with SS going off to mourn his lost planet.

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