Saturday, December 8, 2007

Gues Appearances: Firestorm in Action Comics

Week 4 of Millenium, and Action Comics #596 has a tie-in featuring Superman and The Spectre.

Judging by the cover, it's bad new for the residents of Smallville. How could Firestorm possibly feature in this?

He doesn't. Cue flashback.

One panel, appearance over. Everyone go home. It's not a bad John Byrne rendition though, atleast he gets the chest emblem right, which is more than can be said for various people that actually drew entire issues full of Firestorm.

There's 14 characters in that panel, aside from Superman, so I guess there's potentially 14 checklists of appearances by the various characters out there, each with this issue included. We all get shafted by the existence of that panel, though quite why anyone would collect Rocket Red appearances is beyond me.

As an aside, the comic does make a good start, reaching 9 years into the future and borrowing the title from one of Edge Of Sanity's best songs.

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