Thursday, January 3, 2008

30 Second Recap - Aquaman

Over in the ISB, Chris is running another 30 second recap contest. It was fun last time, so here's this years entry:



Billy said...

Nice work Jon. This pretty much sums up Fake Aquaman quite nicely.

chris w. said...

Wait, so the old guy is really Paul Muad'Dib, er, I mean Aquaman?

Jon said...

Yep. I'm not sure if they specifically said so, but it was pretty obvious. The left side of his body was made of water (ala the magic hand). Mera was certain of it when she saw him, and called down the JLA to view his body once he was killed. Which is part of what made Aquafake frustrating, the real one was standing right there. Ah well.

@Billy: Thanks man.