Saturday, January 26, 2008

Random Stuff

I've got a few things to mention, but none of them are really worthy of their own post, so this is going to be an assortment.

1) I was clearing out some draws, and found this doodle among my old university notes of 10 years ago:

"Hooly Hoop". You'll only get it if you read The Maxx. From the page it was on, I came up with that during an accounting class, which does not surprise me. Booooorrring.

2) How is it that Firestorm is supposed to've joined the JLA, but he hasn't been in the last two issues (basically ever since Batman recruited him)?

3) Just got done reading the Hellblazer: Highwater trade. This opening scene was interesting:

If that's a realistic rendition of the whole white supremacist thought process, then I can actually see where they're coming from. I mean, they're all still bat-shit crazy, but I can see how if you were to read the Bible with your moron-glasses on, you could make that interpretation.

4) At the end of Highwater, there's a scene involving bats. Who should make an appearance in a broken pane of glass?

That jumped off the page at me as soon as I saw it.

5) A local music store is closing down, with 50% off everything. I picked up the 13-disc Superman movie collection. Major score, though I was a little bummed to get home and discover they didn't include Supergirl in the collection, which seems a strange ommission.

6) After not having any new Justice League Unlimited figures released here for probably the better part of a year, suddenly one of the stores gets some in. I picked up Shade and Steel, the rest of the shelf being full of lots and lots of Superman and Batman figures. I know why toy companies do that, but it's so friggin stupid. I'm not buying figures I already own, more new figures = more money from me. Stop creating an artificial collector market please.

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