Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Art In Close-up: Y: The Last Man #21

A new arrival in the mail today- page 15 from Y:The Last Man #21.

Pencils: Goran Parlov
Inks: Jose Marzan Jr
Colours: Zylonol
Letters: Clem Robins
Writer: Brian K. Vaughan

I got this via eBay, from Jose Marzan himself. $110US, which is more than I would normally pay for art, but well, it has all the main characters on it. Plus I've been really in to Y recently. It seemed like too good an opportunity to pick up a page from a great series, with the added bonus of my money going directly to one of the artists involved. I don't mind paying a bit extra than usual to support those actually producing the stuff.

Page comparison time:

Cool panel layout.

Panel 1:

Lots of space left for a reasonably text-heavy panel. The main point of interest is the shading done by the colourist.

Panel 2:

The inking on Dr Mann's hair is quite light in many places, as if the brush (or whatever) was running out of ink. I assume it's intentional, it's quite interesting in the flesh.

Panel 3:

From the looks of it, the head outline was inked first, then the eyebrow ring was drawn in with white-out. Simple but effective panel.

Panel 4:

Panel 5:

The colourist shading makes 355 look a bit more scary. I'm a sucker for little details like eyelashes.

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