Monday, January 21, 2008

Firestorm hates Captain Atom, vol. 1

I'm pretty sure Cap never did anything to deserve it, but early on, he just could not catch a break from Firestorm.

Captain Atom #2, and a few heroes weigh in on the appearance of the new Captain Atom:

Batman is Batman, nothing surprising there.

Superman is positive about him.

Hey, I wonder what Blue Beetle thinks?

OK, well nothing damning there.

What's your verdict, Firestorm?

Someone's feeling a little threatened, I think.

So stuff happens, and Cap ends up saving the President from Plastique.

Nice job. Let's go back to our hero panel and see what they thought:

Oooh, props from Batman, that's pretty good.

Superman continues to be all positive. Yay.

Blue Beetle approves. Can we make it 4 out of 4?

Ouchie! I guess not. Though Firestorm, maybe if you'd done a better job fighting her, she be in jail now and not bothering anyone else. Just a thought.

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