Saturday, January 19, 2008

Guest Appearances: Silver Surfer in Cable & Deadpool

This appearance comes out of left field. C&D (not to be confused with the awesome Bill Mantlo creation bearing the same initials) has always struck me as an odd idea for a comic. Fabien Nicieza has never been a writer I've much cared for, but he came up with a little gem of a Silver Surfer appearance.

In a four-part arc, Cable seemingly (I say seemingly because I only have the 2 issues with SS, so I don't really know how this thing starts) gets the powers of a god, and sets about fixing the problems he sees in humanity. SHIELD, as you would expect, have a problem with this, and call in the X-Men. They also make contingency plans though, which brings us to the final pages of Cable & Deadpool #9:

Cyclops attempted a father/son moment to difuse things.

Ooooh Cable, that sounds like a challenge. Did I mention SHIELD making contingency plans?

I really like that events included in that exchange, you can just imagine the Surfer being all aloof about it. Obviously, there's only one guy to call to take on a god...


The Silver Surfer!
(by the by, what the HELL happened to Beast?!)

On to Cable & Deadpool #10:

The Surfer appears on the scene, and grabs hold of Cable, then flying around the world and through anything in the way, keeping Cable off balance by forcing him to rebuild everything they destroy.

No Cable, it's not going to end well.

Cyclops has an appropriate level of awe for Surfey, and a fun little exchange with Deadpool.

Meanwhile, the fight has reached all the way to Australia.

Cable's getting sick of this though, time to flex his muscles.

He smashes the board, and send SS tumbling into the Sydney Opera House. How does that work out for Cable?

Superhero beatdown imminent.

Then as he tends to do, rounds off the thrashing with some wise words.

"I will never allow another world to fall"

A very "anger leads to hate..." Yoda-esque passage, but it rounds off the exchange nicely, and shows the Surfer's motivation.

His role fulfilled, he departs.

A really nice SS appearance. Almost an outsiders perspective to him, he says very little, actually I think I captured all of his dialogue in the scans. The parts that I didn't scan are all Cable trying to reason with him. You get a real sense of his power and that he's, well, alien. He bursts on the scene, takes care of business, and departs as quickly as he arrived.

Also, how cool is it that Mr Fantastic can call up the Silver Surfer when he has a problem?


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