Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Resurrection Through Carnage

I got an old page from the Vigilante comic series a while back. Cool piece, but there was one part that used an overlay of tracing paper, and the glue behind it had gone yellow. It seemed like it would be easy enough to fix, I just needed to wait until I had the balls to do it.

That time is now.

Ok, so this is how it started, obviously it's a major distraction.

Time to peel it off!

There it goes, with thankfully no drama. The glue was totally dried out.

I stuck the piece onto one side of a double-sided adhesive sheet.

I cut it out, leaving a bit of wiggle room for later. At this point it's like your basic sticker.

Peeling off the second backing sheet, I put it on some high quality thick paper, so that the old glue wouldn't show through.

Time for more adhesive sheeting on the back of the paper mount.

Then the really frigging scary part of cutting it out with a knife. I couldn't use a ruler or anything, no straight lines.

Yay, still in one piece.

After a few rehersals to make sure I was going to place it correctly (was only going to get one shot at it), it was time to peel the final layer.
Hey, it actually worked!

Looks so much better now. Still a slight hint of the glue showing, since a little was on the tracing paper, but I was not going to risk trying to clean it.

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