Tuesday, January 1, 2008

So, 2008...

Looking foward to:
  • Final Crisis being over. I hate company-wide "events", I just want to be able to read a few titles and not have them disturbed, or have to buy a mini just to keep up to date with the greater "universe".
  • Firestorm in JLA.
  • A decent artist joining the JLA.
  • A Hawkman comic is rumoured to come back at some stage. I'd like that, so long as someone decent was doing it.
  • I've been in two minds about this, because he had an excellent death, but if Ted Kord came back I wouldn't complain.
  • So far the only interesting guest for the con in April is 'Sylar', but I'm sure it'll get better closer to the event. So long as the writers strike doesn't screw things up.
  • The Batman movie should be awesome. I hope.

  • Buy a trade atleast every couple of weeks. I've overlooked them for too long, and have recently been filling out my Hellblazer collection, among others. I want more.
  • Find more time for drawing (somehow).

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