Saturday, January 12, 2008

Guest Appearance: Firestorm in Arena

Dear DC

I purchased all four issues of Countdown: Arena. I'd like to take this opportunity to clarify something. I didn't buy Arena because I thought it was a good idea, or that it was going to be any good. Don't take my $15.96US as a sign that I'm in any way interested in Countdown, or indeed Final Crisis.
No, I bought this because it had Firestorm in it. An alternative-Earth Firestorm sure, but Firestorm nonetheless. Clearly it's a good idea to have Firestorm in a comic. Just please in future make the comics he appears in not suck quite so horribly as Arena did.


Ok, now that's out of the way, let's get down to the reason I forked out for this sucker (heh, double meaning!) :

We get a short glimpse of Earth 12 Firestorm.

Same chest emblem as the current one, the main difference in uniform being the red torso instead of yellow. Also a funky faceplate. The fire wings are a lot like Firehawk- possibly Lorrain's part of the matrix?

He only hangs around for a page though. The main Firestorm in this story is from Earth 37, dubbed "Quantum-Storm".

The matrix being made up of Ronnie and Captain Atom. That raises some interesting possibilities. Ronnie and Cap had an at times rocky student/teacher relationship. Also an interesting combination of the 2 hero's costume. Cap's chest symbol replaces the circle in the Firestorm one. The Firestorm emblem is reversed ala the JLU version. Plus obviously the yellow is replaced with white (silver? That would be more Captain Atom-ey, but it's hard to say).

Quantum-Storm has a bit of a rough time early on in his appearance. First of all he gets cut in half by the edge of the page.

Then he loses his nose.

He does however get to take part in the most low-budget rendering of a group shot in comic book history.

I know this thing came out weekly, but they couldn't have actually produced each issue in a week, could they? The art certainly suggests they tried...

There's a few shots of Quantum-Storm standing around watching the Supermen argue, but I'll skip all that highly interesting content, and get to some action.

Vampire Batman (the new one, not that other one) has a plan to bust out, and Quantum-Storm is a major player in it. This should be interesing.

Unless, y'know, he decides to wimp out or something...

He was entirely too eager to hand that over *sigh*

But not to worry, he's still going to get to go off with Bat-Batman and beat up some bad guys.

Looks like a trap though.

D'oh. Monarch had planned for all this, and steps in. What chance do the heroes have against a foe that easily dispatched with 3 Green Lanterns, and 3 Supermen? (Supermans?)

About what you'd expect.

Which is to say, none.

So long Quantum-Storm, we hardly knew you.

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