Tuesday, January 8, 2008

How Not To Treat Girls, Featuring Firestorm

Y'know, I could've sworn I'd covered this one already, but apparently I haven't. On with the show...

Ronnie walks into the school cafeteria and gets in line. Then this happens:

We'll start with the obvious. Don't ignore your girlfriend. Now, apparently there's some crazy girl logic that makes this rule apply at all times when you're in a room together, regardless of whether or not you can see her. If she can see you, assume she's going to think you're ignoring her.

As every guy knows, admitting to your girl that you were in the wrong is a good move, even if you didn't really do anything. However, temper this with the knowledge that girls dislike wimps. Ronnie lays it on way too thick with his lame "I confess, I should have noticed you" bit. It's hardly surprising he was treated with scorn after this line. You need to placate the beast, not give it more reason to attack.

Also, when she's looking like this, it's a pretty good indication of PMS. The only safe option is to run, even if you are Firestorm.

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