Monday, March 17, 2008

DC don't want my money

Or atleast, they're happy to wait. Why do they and Marvel release trades in hardcover first? The Sinestro War trade was in store last week, but only hardcover. That's an extra $15 or so, and since I really don't care about the format, I'd rather not pay extra money for something if I don't have to. If they put the soft and hard covers out at the same time, you could choose. So now I'll have to wait for the regular edition. Grrrr.

On a positive, briefly flicking through the latest issue of Moon Knight in-store, it seemed pretty good. I'm kinda bummed I didn't buy it, hopefully it'll still be there next week. I like the direction of the series, it just grew in to a bit of a mess. The new writer might be fixing that. Moon Knight deserves to have a good comic about him.

Posting has been a bit light around here the last couple of weeks. Not that that's unusual, but I've been spending time on my Guyver helmet, and it's starting to look cool. Pics when it's done, and hopefully things around here will be a bit more regular in another week.

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