Thursday, March 27, 2008

(Iron + Man) + Plastic - Iron = ?

Iron Man movie toys got released here this week! I haven't really paid any attention to Tony since the 80's, but I used to quite like him, and several of the new figures look really cool. So I picked up the standard Iron Man model (designated "Mark 3" for the movie line). Here's what I thought of it:

The Good
As I mentioned, these things look really cool. I didn't pose it particularly well (see later for reasons), but you get the idea.

As an added bonus, these are produced by Hasbro. I hate the ball joint system Toy Biz uses; it's great for posing, but just looks ugly. Hasbro went for a slightly simpler approach, which looks great, but isn't necessarily that versatile. I won't be playing with it though, so the look is most important.

The articulation on the upper body is excellent. The mid-torso joint is one of the best looking I've seen and has a full range of movement. The arms can handle all sorts of movement. Wrist joints are fairly flimsy though.

The knees are the standard two-joint fare you expect from a Marvel toy, functional and don't look as dorky as they sometimes do. Here's Tony with an imaginary skateboard:

I love the feet. They've moveable, and the leg section hangs over them, which looks awesome.
The Bad
The head looks like it should turn, but trust me, it doesn't. That seems a pretty strange decision.

My major problem with the figure is the hip joints. They are an absolute pain to move. They will only go in one direction at a time.

Also the ball joint they're on rotates a little too freely, so when you're trying to turn the leg to pose it in a different direction, it's quite tricky to line it up so it will go where you want it. Expect to spend some time getting the pose you want, you'll have to line things up so the leg will go foward, then spin the joint around to get some sideways movement etc. Would be a total pain in the ass to actually play with.

Once we start stocking these where I work, I expect to get some of them returned broken, sufferring from either broken wrists or broken hips from a kid just being too impatient to fiddle around to get off a decent side kick mid-stride (or something like that, heh).

The Ugly
My Iron Man has two left hands. WTF?

Ugh, I'm trying to save up for the convention in 3 weeks time, but the rest of the line are soooo tempting...

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