Saturday, March 1, 2008

Not Quite The Week In Review

I've pretty much given up on the idea of reviewing the stuff I pick up each week, since talking about something that 99% of the internet finished discussing a week before it even arrived in my country is kinda redundant. I felt motivated to mention a couple of things today though.

4 issues ago in JLA we had this:

Yay, Firestorm in JLA *adds to pull list*

Since then however, he hasn't even appeared in a single panel. I've never particularly liked the JLA idea- it's good on paper but lacking a little in execution for my taste. But hey, Firestorm, so sign me up. The last 2 issues have been interesting enough for me to not outright drop the book or anything, but I've come up with a handy formula to express how I feel:

(JLA + Firestorm) - (Firestorm x 5 issues) = Dropped

I'd like Firestorm somewhere in the next 2 issues please. Thanks.


Birds Of Prey #115 was pretty much the first issue I've really enjoyed since Wonder Writer left. Things may be looking up. Oh wait, what's that I see in CSN? McKeever is leaving BoP.


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