Saturday, March 8, 2008

X Marks The Spot... Of DEATH

New feature time, because I'm getting bored with spending 95% of my time talking about Firestorm and The Silver Surfer. Particularly since the former has only had a handful of appearances in the last year, and the latter has had to get by on the back of a couple of shitty minis in recent times (yes, 'Requiem' and 'In Thy Name', I'm looking at you). So I'm going to throw the occassional glance in the direction of one of my favourite titles of the past, 'X' by Dark Horse.

Specifically, I'm going to be looking at the ways he killed people (and he killed lots of people!). His particular 'thing' was to mark people with a '/' for their first offence. A second offence would get you a '\', obviously combining to form a 'X' (conveniently tying in to his name. Imagine the problems if he had been called "W"). Being marked twice meant you could expect to be killed in the very near future. Which brings us to:

X marks the spot... of DEATH (cue dramatic music)

Some bad guys are having a meeting on an in-construction sky scraper. Private, yes, but oh so many places to fall from. Things are urgent though, because they've recieved some troubling mail.

Their meeting is eventful, but I won't bother you with details. All you need to know is that they tried to hire someone to kill our hero. That's probably not going to go down too well with him.

Say, what's that on the floor?

Oh dear.

And with one simple word, Peter condemns his cohorts to death. Any 5 year old can tell you, monsters never get you until you look at them.

Fatality #1:

Did I mention there were on a tall building already?

Oh, good.

Fatality #2. "WOM!" indeed.

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