Monday, March 31, 2008

Iron Suit, Will Of A Wet Bus Ticket

I mentioned the other day that I was quite taken with the new Iron Man figures, and not surprisingly, I caved and bought some more. First up, what I assume will be the movie's main bad guy, Iron Monger:

Mongrol Smush! Actually... dammit. I've just had a conversion idea for Mongrol (ABC Warriors). A new head and short legs, and it'd be perfect. Ah well.

A nice big figure with plenty of attitude. The legs are a little lacking in directional movement, but the arms make up for that:

It's pretty cool. Also included is a "super smash" feature, meaning the arms move when you squeeze the legs together, but that looks kinda lame.

Next up, Iron Man mark 1:

Given that it's a suit of armour and not a robot, I do wonder about the condition of Tony's hips after wearing that. It does, however, have a cool scratch-built look to it while being strongly tied to the original design. Being made out of scrap metal doesn't make for a good toy though (play wise, I love the look). Here is the range of movement you get out of the elbows:

The knees:

Aaaand finally the waist:

Yeeesh. The head doesn't turn either. If you're gonna buy it, you better like the pose it comes in, because you aren't changing it without a hacksaw.

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