Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's late and I'm tired

Must be time for a rant post then ;)
  • The term "sexy" needs to be banned from eBay, specifically in relation to comic art. If it's a drawing of a female, it invariably gets "sexy" put in the title.
  • Drawing a superheroine with deliberately super-enlarged breasts does not automatically qualify as "sexy". "Sexual", yes, but not sexy.
  • Anime dominated by teenage characters is starting to piss me off. I've only watched half a dozen different shows but I already feel well versed in the teen mecha team formula, and it's getting boring already.
  • The last issue of Birds Of Prey had Gail Simmone credited on the cover, I was all giddy with excitement for a moment there *sigh*
  • JLA is dropped. I signed on for a McDuffie title with Firestorm in it. I've had neither the last few months.
  • So too is Brave & The Bold. Just hasn't done it for me often enough.
  • Buying an Iron Man toy has made me want to read some 80's IM again. Who do I need to kiss at Marvel to get them to reprint it in one of those Essential thingies?
  • I so so so hate the title "Sex To Sexty", and eBay's comic art section is constantly full of art from it. It makes me want to rip out my eyeballs. (I'm referring to the actual name, not the book itself, just to clarify)
  • The Power Girl giant figure (12"? It looked bigger than that) finally arrived in store. I had been thinking I'd buy it, but it's terrible. The face sculpt looks ok on the box, but the final cast used is totally bug-eyed. The boob window is a shade bigger than I like, and they used flesh-coloured material on the legs, rather than just plastic, which would've looked 1000% better.
  • My comic shop is back to stocking Countdown, which sucks for me because it has had Firestorm in it (albeit not doing anything), so I've had to buy the last couple of issues.

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