Tuesday, March 18, 2008

X Marks The Spot... Of DEATH (!)

Welcome to the next installment of The Punisher X dishing out his brand of justice. Remember, one mark is a warning, two means certain death. Rarrraaghhh.

"Well see, there I was minding my own business, when some psycho decided to have a go at me..."

"My gun wasn't working, so why not try a brick wall?"

Oh yeah, not so tough now!

Take that!

Note: when someone's trying to kill you, this is a bad development:

Two strikes, you're out.

"...it was the strangest thing, I told him to leave me alone, and he just walked away..."

This is also a bad thing to have happen:


Empty gun through the neck. Oh yeah baby. Let's hear it for the 90's anti-hero.

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