Sunday, March 16, 2008

Guest Appearance: Firestorm in JLU

A very cool guest spot with Firestorm in Justice League Unlimited #3 by Beechen, Barberi, and Wong. I've briefly touched on this issue before, now it's time to cover it properly. I love this issue.

Things open with Ice, Wonder Woman, and 'Stormy sitting down for a meeting in the watchtower, when Atom suddenly appears on the meeting table.

Atom drags the team off to view his discovery- some microscopic creatures have opened a dimensional breach and are invading.

"Ants don't whine". Unless they're Emo ants. The Brazilian Emo Ant has been know to depress a cow to death in a matter of minutes.

Firestorm has an idea:


To be fair, he is the only one that came up with a suggestion.

Looks like everyone is going to have to ride the microscopic rollercoaster. Crash course time.
Lesson One: exhale. Lesson Two: vertigo.

Which kicks off a funny running gag of Ice trying not to throw up, and failing repeatadly. She spends more time puking on the monsters than hitting them. I neglected to scan a decent shot of Firestorm's costume, but you can see it pretty well here. The atom motif is simplified and running in the opposite direction. His head is more in keeping with JasonStorm's original design, which is an interesting decision. Overall I think it's a cool redesign.

Onwards to battle! As the resident heavy hitter, Firestorm takes it upon himself crank things up. As usual, he's not thinking things through.

Atom could've told him earlier though. (heh, note Ice still having problems above)

With Firestorm blowing himself away, the others are left to fight on their own. Where exactly did Ronnie end up?

The trash.

Atom and co are getting overwhelmed by sheer numbers, but Firestorm doesn't make the same mistake twice (this time atleast).

Atom closes the rift, and the invaders get zapped with the Phantom Zone Projector. Game over.

Even in the animated DC universe, Firestorm has trouble with women...

All that's left is one final lesson from The Atom:

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